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The lawyers at Eric Van Hooydonk Lawyers are known for their academically sound, practice-oriented and original legal publications.


In the following you can find a selection of recent books, research reports, conference papers and magazine articles in English and French. Some of these can be downloaded free of charge. Click here for more publications in Dutch.



•  The notion of a ship in the new Belgian Shipping Law

                       Bologna, 30 June 2016


•  Port Labour Reform  in the EU  

                       Madrid, 16 June 2016


•  Towards a compilation of selected principles of the Lex Maritima

                       New York, 4 May 2016


•  The legal regime of unmanned merchant shipping

                        New York, 4 May 2016


•  Unmanned Ships - The Regulatory Framework

                        Leuven, 18 March 2016  


•  The renaissance of maritime codes – a need for international guidance?

                        published in the editorial of Journal of International Maritime Law (United Kingdom), 2015  


•  The law of unmanned merchant shipping – an exploration

                        published in Journal of International Maritime Law (United Kingdom), 2015  


•  Towards a worldwide restatement of the general principles of maritime law

                              published in Journal of International Maritime Law (United Kingdom), 2014


•  Port Labour in the EU. Labour Market, Qualifications & Training, Health & Safety, Vol. 1

Antwerp, Portius, 2013, 328 p.


•  Port Labour in the EU. Labour Market, Qualifications & Training, Health & Safety, Vol. 2

Antwerp, Portius, 2013, 1101 p.


•  Fifty Years of the European Tugowners Association. From London club to Brussels lobby

 Brussels / Antwerp, ETA / Pandora Publishers, 2013, 196 p.


•  Places of refuge. International Law and the CMI Draft Convention

London, Lloyd’s List, 2009, 528 p.


•  Ad hoc project procedures for the development of transport infrastructures

in Haezendonck, E. (Ed.), Transport Project Evaluation. Extending the Social Cost-Benefit Approach, Cheltenham, UK / Northampton, MA, USA, Edward Elgar, 2007, 132-147


•  The obligation to offer a place of refuge to a ship in distress

published in Franckx, E. (ed.), Contemporary Regulation of Marine Living Resources and Pollution, Antwerp/Apeldoorn, Maklu, 2007, 85-128


•  Soft Values of Seaports. A Plea for Soft Values Management by Port Authorities

published in Notteboom, Th. (Ed.), Ports are more than piers. Liber Amicorum presented to Prof. Dr. Willy Winkelmans, Antwerp, De Lloyd, 2006, 93-145


•  The Impact of EU Environmental Law on Ports and Waterways including a proposal for the creation of Portus 2010, a coherent EU network of strategic port development areas

Antwerp/Apeldoorn, Maklu, 2006, 317 p., for a review by Dr Andrew Farmer of the Institute for European Environmental Policy in the Journal of International Maritime Law, click here


•  Places of Refuge: The Belgian Experience

published in Chircop, A. and Linden, O. (Eds.), Places of Refuge for Ships: Emerging Environmental Concerns of a Maritime Custom, Leiden, Brill, 2006, 415-428


•  The European Port Services Directive: The Good or The Last Try ?

published in Ringbom, H. (Ed.), The Emerging European Maritime Law. Proceedings from the Third European Colloquium on Maritime Law Research, Ravenna, 17–18 September 2004 (MarIus no. 330), Oslo, University of Oslo, 2005, 47-118, in Journal of International Maritime Law (United Kingdom), 2005 and in Il diritto marittimo (Italië), 2006, 65-111


•  Prospects after the rejection of the European Port Services Directive

published in Il diritto marittimo (Italië), 2004, 851-873


•  The obligation to offer a place of refuge to a ship in distress. A plea for granting a salvage reward to ports and an international convention on ports of refuge

published in CMI Yearbook 2003. Vancouver I, Antwerp, Comité Maritime International, 2004, 403-445, published in abbreviated form in Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, 2004, 347-374


•  Ports of refuge for ships in distress: not in my front pond ?

published in Transport Insurance in Belgium, Special Lloyd, januari 2004, 3-11


•  English and Continental Maritime Law. After 115 Years of Maritime Law Unification: a Search for Differences between Common Law and Civil Law

published as editor, Antwerp/Apeldoorn, Maklu, 2003, 173 p.


•  The regime of port authorities under European law including an analysis of the Port Services Directive

published in Van Hooydonk, E., (Ed.), European Seaports Law. EU Law of Ports and Port Services and the Ports Package, Antwerpen/Apeldoorn, Maklu, 2003, 79–185 and in Liber amicorum R. Roland, Brussel, Larcier, 2003, 467-570


•  Some Remarks on Financial Securities Imposed by Public Authorities on Casualty Ships as a Condition for Entry into Ports

published in Huybrechts, M. (Ed.), Van Hooydonk, E. en Dieryck, C. (Co–eds.), Marine insurance at the turn of the Millennium, II, Antwerpen/Groningen/Oxford, Intersentia, 2000, 117-136

•  Développements récents en matière de lieux de refuge pour navires en détresse

published in Droit maritime français, 2006, 662–682


•  Les lieux de refuge pour les navires en détresse

published in Droit maritime français, 2004, 808–815





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